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Dedicated effort goes into creating each of our bonbons.  From flavor and design to preparation and packaging, we take pride in carrying out each step with intentionality and attention to detail.  The process of making bonbon takes days to complete.  We began the process by hand polishing, painting, shelling, filling, and then capping each bonbon to bring you a tasting experience like no other.  Finally, we unmold and package our products.  We believe once you taste our bonbons you will understand and appreciate the quality of our work and ingredients.

About Founder

Arwa, our visionary founder and esteemed chocolatier, discovered her profound love for chocolate during a transformative internship at a prestigious chocolate shop. Motivated by her passion, Arwa embarked on a journey of relentless self-improvement, taking classes one after another and engaging in nonstop learning alongside the world’s foremost chefs. Through this dedication and a series of extensive trials, she not only perfected her techniques but also pioneered innovative approaches to create the epitome of quality in superior-tasting bonbons. Each delectable creation is a testament to Arwa’s continuous pursuit of excellence in the art of chocolate crafting.

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